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This week has been a perfect microcosm of the Trump era. A partisan media outlet suppresses news about a Trump rival’s corruption scandal while demanding that the president explain a strange retweet. And there is an encouraging sign of economic recovery. Additionally, another Trump-appointed standout is preparing to perform invaluable public service. Another piece of good news is that Trump’s big hires won’t end with Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

As for the economic rebound, the US consumer is exceeding expectations. Harriet Torry from the diary reports:

Retail sales, a measure of purchases in stores, restaurants and online, increased a seasonally adjusted 1.9% in September from a month earlier, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

“The gain marked the fifth consecutive month of retail sales growth,” adds Ms. Torry.

As for Judge Barrett, Kimberley A. Strassel of the Journal notes:

Trump won over large numbers of uncertain voters in 2016 by promising to place qualified originalist judges in federal courts. More than 200 appointments later, soon to include a third Supreme Court justice, this week’s voters were reminded that the stakes in this election transcend Trump’s tweets …

Americans for three days watched a talented jurist answer complex questions without notes, expressing her love for her family and country, and pledging her fidelity to the Constitution and the rule of law.

What’s also good for Americans is that officials in other branches of government are equally committed to the rule of law. And the president appears to have chosen another winner for a key position in regulating the financial industry. Brian Brooks is the interim comptroller of the currency. President Trump should immediately ask the Senate to remove the “performance” from Brooks’ title so that he can continue to oppose the politicization of America’s credit allocation.

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