Trade commissioners from Cambodia and Malaysia agree to strengthen their relationship


The Malaysia-Cambodia Business Mapping Program, organized by the ASEAN Business Association of Cambodia with the support of the Malaysian Embassy in Phnom Penh, enabled delegates to understand the business potential that exists in both countries. During the two-day program, several businessmen presented their concepts and plan to develop them further. The Malaysian delegates, who reached the Kingdom on Sunday, returned home on Wednesday.

Addressing the inaugural meeting at Naga World on Monday, Malaysian Ambassador to Cambodia Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim urged businessmen to take advantage of the open international border between the two countries.

The forum had representatives from several industries including medical, supermarkets, retail, food and beverage, telecommunications, amusement parks, hotels, education, manufacturing, heavy machinery , electronic sports, etc.

Discussing the importance of attending such an event, Datin Seri Azreen Binti Abu Noh, Head of Delegation and Managing Director of Zurif & Sons, said Khmer time“I brought with me 12 businessmen. They specialize in different areas including theme parks, catering, medical tourism, etc. It is more of a specialized mission.

Delegates attending the Malaysia-Cambodia Business Mapping Program organized by the ASEAN Business Association of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. KT/Yorn Sovieth

She added: “My intention here is to contribute to the development of the social economy in Cambodia, with our technical know-how and ready-to-use solutions. We hope to work with Cambodians and Malaysia with this initiative, especially in Malacca.

“Malacca has good universities and very historical tourist destinations. We hope to develop opportunities in the education sector with students coming from Asia and Latin America and students going to Cambodia,” she explained.

“This is the first step of our journey in this business mapping program. When I came back to Malaysia, there were good things from all these business people. We will come back the second time, bringing more people. More people means it’s more dedicated people, not just the gallery What I’m trying to do here is help the economy, help social activities and do in businesses can sustain themselves through another pandemic. We’ve talked about agriculture, and you can help farmers. It’s not just about doing business and making money. It’s about knowing how we can help farmers in Cambodia and Malaysia is our intention,” she added.

Hor Sereyvath, chairman of ID Capital, who delivered the program’s closing speech at the Flatiron by Meridian in the capital on Tuesday, told the newspaper, “This is an opportunity to attract investment to Cambodia. The Malaysian business delegation is seriously considering considering Cambodia as an investment destination, which is a good sign given the context of the pandemic. We have investors who come from different regions. These people come here looking for opportunities. They have been here before; they come back, bringing more people here. And this is a very good sign of recovery after the Covid-19 situation. »


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