Tokyo meets the world: Malaysia


Say Malaysia and a lot of water to Tokyoites: the capital has a small but capable contingent of restaurants serving nasi lemak, satay skewers, chicken rice and other hard-hitting delicacies from the country, which has the one of the most diverse culinary cultures in Southeast Asia. The multi-ethnic nation has also long been a favorite destination for Japanese people seeking to migrate to warmer climates – visual-rock chameleon Gackt is obviously the biggest name to make the leap – while before the pandemic, hundreds of Malaysian students and professionals have moved to each other. direction every year.

Ambassador Dato ‘J. Kennedy oversees this vigorous exchange of people, ideas and flavors – as well as a community of approximately 5,000 Malaysians in Japan – from his crisp white Embassy in Daikanyama, which attended post in town. For this episode of Tokyo Meets the World, our ongoing series of interviews with Tokyo-based ambassadors, Kennedy took the time to share his thoughts on everything from Malaysia-Japan relations and sustainability to the proliferation of certified restaurants. halal in the capital with Masashi Takahashi, senior consultant at Original Inc (editor of Time Out Tokyo) and former diplomat with extensive experience in sustainability issues.


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