PUTRA: Malays in Malaysia will suffer the same fate as Malaysians in Singapore and Penang


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According to Datuk Dr Ibrahim Ali, Chairman of the Bumiputera Perkasa Malaysia (PUTRA) Party, Malays in Malaysia will lose their land in the next 20 years if they do not take care and maintain their property properly.

He pointed out that due to the government’s failure to protect the Constitution, which grants special rights to Malays, the Malay majority will surely suffer the same fate as their race in Singapore and Penang.

“I believe that in the next 20 years, the Malays will lose their land in Malaysia, the Malays of Malaysia will become the Malays of Singapore and the Malays of Penang.

“I have already mentioned the story of the Palestinians, and we have seen in other countries how some people have become refugees in their country. Malaysia is the only Malaysian country in the world.

“Indonesia is called the nation of Indonesia, but we in Malaysia are a Malay country despite the name Malaysia, which used to be the Federation of Malaysia,” he said in a statement.

Ibrahim Ali was a Kelantan State MP representing UMNO in 1986. He left UMNO to join the Semangat 46 and defended his MP seat in 1990. He then joined UMNO in 1991 only to leave the party again to form various political and socio-cultural organizations. He is currently the leader of PUTRA, but not a deputy.

He says that although Malays make up 70% of Malaysia’s population, the land owned by the Malays is shrinking while the cities are expanding, but they no longer belong to the Malays.

“We see that the lands owned by the Malays and the natives are starting to shrink, the cities even if they are expanding, they do not belong to the Malays. Even in the villages where shophouses are developing, they are not owned by the Malays. The Malays are stuck.

“When I speak like that, I am accused of being racist, I am accused of being like a frog under a shell, I am not liberal. I am not the passage of time, because it is the time of so-called Malaysia for all, Malaysia for Malaysians.The right to equality.

He appealed to Malay Muslims in the country to unite to save their property and lands, which he said are being taken by others.

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