Poland targets Malaysian market for apple exports


Friday 08 Jul 2022 17:59 MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 – Poland, one of the world’s leading apple producers and the largest in Europe, is aiming to enter the Malaysian market as part of its new focus on this part of the region.

General secretary of the Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors, Paulina Kopec, said Poland was now looking for new markets after being unable to export to two of its main traditional markets – Russia and Belarus due to sanctions imposed on the two countries in connection with the war in Ukraine.

“Our goal is to discover and study the Malaysian market…we know that the apple is the favorite fruit of many Malaysians,” she told Bernama in an interview at the product launch here on Thursday. evening.

She is here with a six-person delegation from Fruit Union (Unia Owocowa) – the largest Polish fruit association representing grower groups and their fruit growers, exporters and distributors, for a five-day product launch visit in Malaysia.

The theme of their apple campaign is “Fresh from the orchards of Poland. Apples from the heart of Europe in Malaysia”.

Kopec explained that countries currently importing apples from Malaysia include New Zealand, Italy, South Africa and the United States.

“We too would like to have a share of the Malaysian apple market. If successful in our product campaign, we hope to send the first shipment to Malaysia by October or November. To start, we are looking at shipments of around 3,000 tonnes of apples. If this materializes, it will be a good start,” she added.

In response to a question, Kopec said the association is already discussing with Malaysian fruit importers the possibility of starting to export apples to Malaysia as soon as possible.

There are 30 brands of apples produced in Poland, such as Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Red Chief, Red Jonaprince and Najdared.

According to statistics, a third of the apples planted in the European Union (EU) come from Poland. Poland exported more than 922,000 tons of apples in 2021.

The apple harvest in EU member countries in 2021 is estimated at 11.7 million tonnes.

Currently, Egypt is the largest apple market in Poland. Other markets include Israel, India, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

To another question, Kopec said that in addition to Malaysia, they are also focusing on new markets in the region, namely Thailand and Indonesia and even the African continent.

“Apart from apples, we are also focusing on the possibility of exporting berries to Malaysia, such as blueberries and strawberries,” she said.

Kopec pointed out that apples in Poland are produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture and the European Green Deal as well as guaranteed quality confirmed by appropriate standards and certificates (including GLOBAL GA P).

“Polish apples are considered exceptional due to the unique climate in our country as well as the appropriate soil and cultivation technology,” she said. — Bernama


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