Pakatan’s repeated failures are wearing us down


To err is human, surely.

Pakatan Harapan (PH) seems to have learned little from the past, good or bad. Making wrong decisions has become a habit. What PH leaders seem to be learning is how to make more mistakes.

They still seem to be caught in a time warp to figure out why they were unceremoniously expelled from Putrajaya in February 2020.

Each of the parties that make up the PH coalition has become egocentric. Everyone believed in their own lies, which were repeated so often, became for them the truth. The habits formed after that historic day in 2018 have become too difficult to break.

These leaders believe in their own charisma and are confident that their followers will follow whatever they say. They keep talking about the success of their policies in the 22 months in Putrajaya and their popularity.

After the Johor elections, the self-destructive behavior of the PH leaders immediately brought up pathetic excuses as they would have won had it not been for the three- or four-way fights that split the opposition votes, but for the low voter turnout voters that the PH would have done better, or that the opposition should regroup for GE 15, including the possibility of allying with Perikatan Nasional, whose linchpin, Bersatu, was the main cause of the fall of the government PH.

After seven by-elections after May 2018, followed by state elections in Sabah and Sarawak, it was clear even to the man in the street that the rakyat in general are more concerned with how to bring growth to the country than to subscribe to PH. theme of how the country must not allow kleptocrats and the judiciary group to return to power. PH always plays the same song in Malacca and Johor elections.

The Malacca and Johor election results indicate that Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN) benefited from a widespread desire for political stability. Unfortunately for the rakyat, this stability does not mean that Umno/BN will be able to navigate the kind of future that the country will face after the pandemic and the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict – given the capacity we have. demonstrates the leaders of Umno/BN in the management of the ministries entrusted to them.

To prepare for GE 15 and avoid repeating history, it may be best for PH to start thinking about the future, what they want to accomplish, and try to see it in a new light that can lead them on a more fruitful road.

Announcing the names of the candidates for all the seats that the coalition will contest well before the dissolution of Parliament is one of them. Don’t leave it to the last minute as practiced.

Publicizing a timeline for the departure of the current slate of leaders and the next generation of leaders who will succeed them is another positive step.

Instead of rehashing corruption, present new and alternative ideas for growth and not ideas on how to end corruption and manage costs, as these two problems are already endemic and cannot be solved in a generation . – March 14, 2022.

*FLK reads The Malaysian Insight.


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