Mississippi woman shares surprising things about Malaysia on TikTok


The video was meant to show people what Malaysia was really like.

Tiffany Werner with her family.

Tiffany Werner on TikTok

Werner told Insider she used the phrase “third world,” because her friends in Mississippi used that term to describe the places she went, though she said she didn’t particularly like it. the term itself.

The phrase “Third World” originated during the Cold War to describe countries that were not aligned with either the Soviet Union or the United States, then evolved into a catch-all term used to describe countries non-Western, according to History. .com.

Many contemporary historians believe the term is outdated, and some have chosen to replace it with the phrase “developing country”, although some media outlets have reported that there are disagreements among academics about this term, particularly because several non-Western countries have a higher GDP. than European countries.

“I feel like a lot of Americans, at least people near me, really don’t know how people live in other countries,” she said, explaining that she had done the video to show people who may not have traveled much what it was like. really like.

In 2019, Forbes reported that in a survey of 2,000 Americans, 40% said they had never left the country. Various media outlets have also reported that Americans are less likely to travel abroad than citizens of most other countries.


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