Malaysian Steam Price Increase Expected to Increase Game Prices by 20-40%


Steam has recommended new price values ​​for games on the platform in different currencies, with Malaysian gamers expected to see between 20-40% price increases for different games.

A sample of the price of 60 USD

The recommendations affect different price points, all based on their USD counterparts and can be viewed in full at SteamDB.

Malaysian Steam users can expect to see an increase of around 20-40% at the various price points, with the price of $15 increasing by 20% to RM38.50 from RM32.

Unfortunately, the $60 price tag, the most popular for standard triple-A versions, is also one of the hardest hit: Malaysian users will see a 40% increase, up to RM133 from RM95.

According to SteamDB, Valve won’t be enforcing these price changes – although the new recommended prices come from their own market research on things like purchasing power by region.

“Rather than simply pegging prices to exchange rates, our price suggestion process goes deeper into the details of what players pay for the goods and services of their lives,” the statement read. “This includes metrics such as purchasing power parity and consumer price indices, which allow prices and costs to be compared more broadly across a set of different economic sectors. But in the case of gaming on Steam, we are also digging more specifically into entertainment purchases to better inform those decisions.”

This follows an upward price trend in the games industry – the mobile games market has also seen prices increase, following Apple announcements.

Given the state of the economy, it’s understandable that these prices will increase, although this will naturally have consequences for who can play these games.


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