Malaysian dentist who just refereed an Olympic final


It was the gold medal match between China and Japan in the women’s team table tennis event at the recent Tokyo Olympics and a Malaysian was in the thick of it. Dr. Elaine Lim, dentist, was the match referee. His appearance received wide attention from Malaysians.

The Malaysian dentist who just officiated at an Olympic final After all, finding a Malaysian in the Olympic final is no easy task.

“When most people talk about sports, they talk about athletes and coaches, they rarely think about officiating. Lim was 15 when a teacher nominated her to take the referee exam in her home state, Kedah.

“But my uncle was a badminton referee, so I was exposed to the profession very early in my life,” she said. “I think most people will be very curious or feel strange why a normal person would just go into arbitration,” she told Malaysiakini in a virtual interview recently.

At that time, she had been playing table tennis for eight years and competing in various competitions as a school athlete. At first just to have fun and play with his father and sister, Lim quickly developed a passion for sports.

“I thought it was really fun because I was very young and could play with older people,” she added. “I started playing table tennis when I was seven,” Lim recalls.

There she gained invaluable experience and a deep understanding of the game as a player. “I started playing table tennis when I was seven,” Lim recalls.

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