Malaysia to host UIA International Forum 2024


The Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and lead organization the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) have announced that Malaysia has won the bid to host the prestigious International Union of Architects (UIA) International Forum. in November 2024.

Hosting a prestigious event such as the UIA is highly symbolic for Malaysia to position itself as the engine for advancing the tech community and accelerating into the future, as well as how countries build timeless heritage in a sustainable way. . On a larger scale, this gathering should touch on broader components, including affordable housing for centuries to come.

Held in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, the UIA International Forum is a three-day forum representing the collective interests of more than one million architects worldwide. Under the theme “Diversecity – Humanity and Sustainable Growth”, the UIA aims to respond to the problems of the tourism industry and to strengthen the relevance of its activities while contributing to the development of a model city for future communities, with a focus on humanity and sustainable growth.

The final presentation of the bid was made in a hybrid format at the 148th meeting of the UIA Council and Extraordinary General Assembly, in Madrid, Spain. The Malaysian team tasked with bringing home this victory includes Datuk Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail (President, UIA International Forum 2024), Ar. Sarly Adre Sarkum (President, PAM), Ar. Alice Leong (Vice President, PAM), Ar. Ahmad Najib Ariffin (Director, Nusantara Academy of Development), Noor Ahmad Hamid (Chief Operating Officer, MyCEB), along with 16 other delegation members, including Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ar Haji Esa Haji Mohamed, former WFP President and the UIA.

Although she was not present for the final presentation of the bid, YB Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC), delivered a compelling message to delegates and strongly supports the efforts led by MyCEB and PAM. , said: “Even though I am not physically present in Madrid to support the Malaysian team during the final presentation of the bid, they have received the full support of MOTAC. Kuala Lumpur is the true embodiment of diversity. Its architecture includes a rich heritage of colonial-era gems, as well as a growing number of world-class modern buildings and countless new downtown districts, testifying to a top-performing economic destination. The UIA International Forum will be a great opportunity to unify the global architectural community for a meaningful intellectual exchange on how to create a city for humanity and sustainable growth.

This UIA International Forum is expected to bring together more than 2,000 delegates with an estimated economic impact of RM43.4 million and up to RM18.5 million in visitor spending for the Malaysian economy.

Dato’ Sri Abdul Khani Daud, Managing Director of MyCEB expressed, “Besides the direct economic impact the Forum is expected to generate for the Malaysian economy, we fervently hope that the global architectural community will use the Forum as a platform for a Global Declaration for the benefit of humanity. We are proud to offer Malaysia this global commitment to a better future. This is in line with our vision that every trade event activity we organize in Malaysia will leave a lasting legacy, a record to uphold architects and the next generation. I believe that the legacy left beyond the economic impact is what really matters.

Datuk Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail, President of the 2024 UIA International Forum, said, “PAM has worked diligently with MyCEB as a team to secure the 2024 UIA International Forum, which will be held in the Southeast Asia region for the first time. We are proud to be able to feature Malaysia and would like to thank the UIA Global Voting Delegates for giving PAM the opportunity to prove they can deliver a meaningful gathering of minds. We sincerely hope that this Forum will achieve the World Declaration for the benefit of humanity while urging all nations to recognize and protect traditional heritage architecture in a sustainable balance with modern urbanization.

MyCEB will continue to work diligently with associations and stakeholders to strive for more business events in Malaysia, and sincerely hopes that this prestigious Forum will achieve its ultimate goal which serves as a compelling case study to inspire more organizers to make Malaysia their next favorite destination. destination for business events in the future.


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