Hasni could be a candidate for the parliamentary seat


JOHOR Barisan Nasional (BN) President Hasni Mohammad has not denied the possibility that he will be considered by the party leadership as a candidate for a seat in Parliament.

Without revealing a location, Division Chief Pontian Umno said the selection of candidates for the upcoming general elections is not based on individual interest but to ensure party victory and peace and prosperity for Malaysians. .

“I do not deny the possibility that I will be considered by the party leadership to be registered as a candidate in another area than my parliamentary constituency, Pontian… if I am given the chance to contest, that is already good, c What matters is it doesn’t matter which seat it is.

“This issue must also prioritize the potential and future of Johor politics. So the ability to challenge elsewhere is a consideration. This issue is important in our strategy to win at least 16-17 parliamentary seats (out of a total of 26 seats) in GE15,” he said after officiating at the opening of the new Al Ikhlas Gadjet branch. at Larkin. Johor Baru today.

The Chairman of the Johor Umno Liaison Committee also did not rule out the possibility of backlash from local members if a non-local candidate was presented, but was confident that this could be handled wisely.

“I think the first reactions are a normal thing. There will be some who will be lukewarm towards the candidate, but I believe that with BN’s experience in elections, we have our means and we can see that from the last state elections,” he said. .

“If there are those who oppose it, as party members who are really fighting, they will consider it a small matter.”

Hasni said BN had the best candidates to run in Pagoh, which was won by Perikatan Nasional President and Bersatu President Muhyiddin Yassin in the last general election. – Bernama, October 22, 2022.


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