Fueling Malaysia’s gig economy to support local businesses


On-demand job app GoGet has created a community of on-demand workers who are essential to businesses large and small

FRANCESCA Chia quickly made a name for herself as an entrepreneur with heart and vision. Chosen as the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader in 2021, she co-founded the digital platform GoGet, which steadily strengthens the gig economy and creates new job opportunities in Malaysia, with a broader vision to expand across Southeast Asia.

In true Malaysian fashion, the 34-year-old former KL management consultant shares that it was a love of food that sparked the idea of ​​starting GoGet in 2014.

“A group of us sat together talking about the ubiquity of mobile technology. Smartphones were becoming more and more affordable and had found their way into everyone’s hands.

“We thought that with this new technology, we could communicate with just about anyone in the city. Let’s say if we needed help picking up our favorite nasi lemak but were very busy at work, we could just ask someone nearby to do it for us,” she says.

They quickly realized that they didn’t have to limit themselves to food.

“We could stretch pretty much anything. By connecting the city on an open platform, people could request anything from rides to errands. All of this could be outsourced with a simple mobile app in your pocket. We thought it would be a great way to strengthen the community and create jobs,” says Chia.

“By connecting the city on an open platform, people could request anything from rides to errands. All of this could be outsourced with a simple mobile app in your pocket,” says Francesca Chia, CEO of GoGet.

Today, Chia is CEO of GoGet, which is recognized as a leading and trusted community platform for reliable and qualified part-time help and enables businesses to scale quickly without incurring full-time operational costs. .

GoGet is also the winner of the United Nations Capital Development Fund Accelerator Program, as it promotes financial inclusion through its ecosystem, which ensures gig economy users are protected and enjoy similar benefits. to those of full-time workers.

Indeed, during the last two difficult years of the pandemic, when employers were forced to cut costs and employees found themselves out of work, GoGet offered a timely solution for many.

“The pandemic has really posed a lot of challenges. One of the critical points for us was how to scale our technology, as we were one of the few relevant players in the industry able to operate during lockdown,” says Chia.

“Our service has helped businesses and individuals run errands even when stuck at home. We were able to help many Malaysians – from shopping to delivering food – during the lockdown. »

The creation of these on-demand work opportunities has also directly benefited the B40 segment, allowing them to secure a flexible income in these turbulent times. GoGet also has a long-standing partnership with MDEC and is committed to training and providing incentives to active GoGetters. No wonder there are over 13,500 GoGetters!

“We mostly have part-time employees,” shares Chia. “They all share the same kind of nature in terms of wanting to connect in a community and use their extra time in exchange for a little extra money. Profiles range from students to part-time yoga instructors, retirees, and even full-time nine-to-five people who need to supplement their income by working weekends.

The GoGet website proudly states that it empowers the community to achieve greater productivity and connectivity in daily work.

And there are plenty of testimonials from GoGetters to suggest it, among the many:

● “Previously in the corporate sector, being a GoGetter is a breath of fresh air for me due to the flexibility and ability to earn extra income.”

● “I am pursuing my studies in actuarial science and I joined GoGet to earn money in my spare time.”

● “My favorite jobs on GoGet are food and shopping jobs. Being a personal shopper helps me improve my communication skills.

Retiree Soo Ngoh Choy is in her seventh year of retirement and has worked more than 395 jobs at GoGet, while stay-at-home mom Cheryl Ong can hold jobs and care for her children.

It is relatively easy to become a GoGetter. All you need is a smartphone, a data plan, the GoGet app and, of course, you must be 18 or older. Then just scroll down the app. If you see a job you like on the app, you can accept it and log in instantly, then get paid when the job is done. You will then have a running statement in your app to see what your financial statements look like as a source of income on GoGet.

GoGet is primarily a B2B company, Chia explains. “We connect a verified network of people to businesses that need part-time work at no fixed cost. So the type of target clients we have range from multinationals and large corporations to SMEs.”

Calculate numbers with Xero

GoGet has over 2,500 businesses registered in its network, mainly in catering, retail and events in KL, Penang and Johor Baru. Some of Malaysia’s largest companies use GoGet to reduce costs and increase productivity, including Petronas, Tune Talk, Celcom, Zalora, and Lazada.

Chia explains that GoGet covers four main types of work: logistics, sales and marketing, administration and operations.

“For very large companies, we are usually their support during peak times, so when Lazada does its 11/11 sale, for example, it will use our GoGetters for support in its warehouses as packers.

“As for SMEs, we are there for them on a daily basis. They would use GoGetters to send flowers, pick up supplies, or even be flower pickers and packers at their store.

GoGet turned to the Xero cloud accounting platform to manage the exponentially growing accounting workload and simplify their business tasks.GoGet turned to the Xero cloud accounting platform to manage the exponentially growing accounting workload and simplify their business tasks.

With so many GoGetters and clients to manage, balancing accounts is no easy feat. Chia shares that this is one of the main reasons GoGet turned to the Xero cloud accounting platform to manage the exponentially growing accounting workload and simplify their business tasks.

“Because we are a technology platform, the type of transactions we have are large scale and they happen every day, in real time.

“It’s not just about dealing with a few key customers and a few invoices. We work with millions of rows of data every month, and there’s no way a manual system could manage them efficiently.

“We needed something robust and scalable, and Xero was a great solution. It’s so much more transparent than running everything in Excel,” she says.

Chia is extremely grateful for the features offered by Xero: first, setting up Xero, i.e. connecting to your bank account directly or via a third-party solution, with bank feeds. Transactions are then securely transferred directly into Xero each business day. For banks not directly connected to Xero, customers can use Yodlee to automatically import all transactions into their Xero app.

“We are able to view our bank account and automatically classify transactions into all the account codes needed. This is probably the feature we use the most to make sure we close our books on time with accurate data,” says Chia, adding that the invoicing features, payment vouchers and quotes features are also convenient and friendly.

One of the biggest gains seen by Chia is time savings. “It used to take me weeks to close accounts, but the whole process takes place in days now!”

Automating tasks and accessing client records at any time has also become child’s play.

“My sales team no longer needs to issue invoices manually. Instead, we can easily set the customer name, regenerate it, and send a new invoice. That’s at least 15 minutes of time saved each time, with each invoice. In a month, you end up saving hours.

But it’s not just about making the job much easier. Chia says GoGet’s broader vision is to empower the 270 million low-skilled people in the Asean region with a reliable and secure solution for finding jobs.

And she is confident that with Xero’s support and commitment, GoGet will be able to focus its time and effort on building a reliable and sustainable business.

“Xero has allowed us to build and maintain a healthy business model, know our cost and revenue numbers, and confidently make strategic decisions and grow in the right places,” she says.

“These are essential for us to achieve our vision. Xero gives us data and allows us to make decisions faster. It has a huge impact on how we grow as a business.”


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