Fast Payday Loan – what you should know?

With the fast paydayloan opportunity from Bank , credit requests can be made by phone without going to the branches. The bank, which provides quick credit, offers a credit limit of 55 thousand dollars and 60-month maturity for SMS applications. Loan applications to be made by SMS are preliminary requests. With this process, the bank looks at the suitability of the loan by viewing the credit rating. SMS credits of individuals who do not have a large amount of debt from their previous loans and have not been pursued are approved.

The persons whose SMS application is approved are invited to the bank branch by telephone. The steps to be followed in the fast payday loan application process and documents requested by the bank can be learned from the sub-headings.

How to Apply for Quick Payday Loan?

How to Apply for Quick Loan?

Applications for fast payday loan are made via SMS. The Bank offers credit limit usage from 1,000 dollars to 55,000 dollars for the people who apply and receive approval via SMS. 60 months maturity opportunity is provided over the limits. The steps to be followed during the SMS application are listed as follows:

  • New message tab should be opened over the phone.
  • identity number should be written on the new message screen.
  • This message is answered by the bank 5 minutes after it is sent.

Bank conducts a credit rating query over the identity number. In this inquiry, positive feedback is given to those whose credit rating does not pose a risk. Those who receive a credit application confirmation reply via SMS are invited to the branches for document delivery and filling out a loan application form. The documents requested in the branch visit can be learned from the subtitle.

What are Quick Payday Loan Application Documents?

What are Quick Loan Application Documents?

Documents can be submitted to branches for rapid loan request , and they can benefit from loans by filling out an application form. The SMS application is only a preliminary request and allows the bank to view your credit rating. The documents that the SMS application approval and those who go to the branches must deliver are listed as follows:

  • Photocopy of identity card, passport or driving license
  • Income certificate or payslip
  • Name registered invoice
  • Certificate of residence

These documents must be submitted to the branch and a loan application form must be filled out through a customer representative. The process is completed by adding documents and signing to the filled form. Those whose loan applications are approved by the bank benefit from the credit limit up to 55 thousand dollars with a 60-month maturity option. The positive result of the loan is reported by the bank by phone. The amount of the approved loan is collected from the same bank to which the application is made.