Batik Air Malaysia receives two brand new Boeing 737-8MAX from Irish leasing giant Aergo Capital


LONDON – On October 3, 2022, Aergo Capital Limited successfully delivered two Boeing 737-8MAX to Batik Air Malaysia.

The planes with manufacturing serial numbers 43005 and 43012 are the fourth and fifth of eight 737MAXs entering the Malaysian carrier and the Lion Air Group as a whole.

The Irish company secured a loan facility from AV AirFinance to help purchase, finance and oversee the acquisition process of these two aircraft respectively.

Fred Browne, Managing Director of Aergo, said: “We are delighted to announce the successful delivery of two further Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft to Batik Air Malaysia. We hope to deliver the remaining three devices by the end of this year. A special thank you to everyone involved for the smooth and efficient manner in which these transactions were completed.”

Neal McElvaney of AV AirFinance, said, “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Aergo again and to complete these fourth and fifth transactions with Batik Air. We look forward to completing another delivery to complete this transaction and to continue to grow our relationship with Aergo. »

Rapid growth

The receipt of the two new aircraft means the airline is preparing for more aggressive growth in Malaysia and the ASEAN region alone. Easing the borders of Malaysia and other Asian countries has allowed the airline to continue its plane expansion plans, with the Boeing 737MAX seen as the best contender to get the job done.

The airline now flies from KLIA 1, which is the main premium or non-low-cost terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. This will directly compete with the flag carrier Malaysia Airlines.

About Batik Air

Batik Air or Batik Air Malaysia was rather known as Malindo Airline, under the management of a giant Indonesian group, Lion Air. Lion Air is Indonesia’s largest airline and has expanded throughout ASEAN.

Batik Air Malaysia operates a fleet of 23 aircraft, including 12 ATR-72s which operate from Subang Airport, a secondary and executive airport in Kuala Lumpur, 3 737-800s and 8 737-8MAXs, which operate from KLIA, the main airport of Kuala Lumpur and occasionally Penang.

The airline offers domestic and regional flights to destinations in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. The furthest route the airline flies to is Australia, with Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne currently scheduled respectively on their flight plan.

About AeroCapital

AergoCapital Limited is an Irish leasing company founded in 1999, specializing in commercial aircraft leasing and trading company.

Over the past 2 decades of successful operation, the company is now a pioneer in aircraft leasing worldwide with over $4.4 billion in aircraft owned or managed. The company is owned by ABCarval.


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